In that, various links can be given including links of Council of Europe, EC3, Work of Susan Brenner, CBPOL – European Police College, European Commission, European Financial Coalition against sexual exploration of children online, Asian financial coalition against sexual exploitation of children online, Eurojust, ENISA – European Network and Information Security agency, European cybercrime training and education group, CIRCAMP – Cospol Internet Related Cyber Abusive Material Project, the National Police Academy India, INHOPE – international organizations of Internet hotlines, Cyber Security Coalition, B-Center partners and cyber security actors, state police academies in India, work on different websites in different state police websites which talk about various cybercrime initiatives, links to various cybercrime centers, link to various other initiatives in India pertaining to cybercrime, link to various cybercrime police stations in India. In addition, we will also have a link to cybercrime education where we will talk about various cybercrime courses that are being offered in different universities, colleges.